Gangolli-a picturesque ancient holy place

The Konkani speaking Gowda saraswaths and other sects had been leading comfortable lives practicing well-established trade, agriculture, cottage industry and fishing until the initial period of sixteenth century.
The Gowda Saraswaths were prominent among them. They had been residing on the serene banks of river saraswathi in north India prior to their arrival in Goa. That is how they came to be called Saraswaths. But there occurred a terrible famine in that area which invariably led to their migration to Goa. They earned a dominant position in society taking into hands the commercial and trade links. They had built temples and constructed educational institutions.
Till date, the Gowda saraswath Brahmins have been taking the lead in those two fields. Take the instance of Manipal. In addition to it, they gained upper hand even in banking, industry and hospital sectors. They had built numerous temples in Goa and thereby gave a new impetus to the trade activities in Goa. The preface penned by eminent writer Dr. Niranjana to the book ‘Punarudaya’ authored by H.Vittal Shenoy goes like this, “Mahagireesh was brought to Gomanthak by Mongheer. The eesha of Mongheer is Mangesh. In those days, God was not yet perceived in idol form, rather as a spirit.

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